In the city centre there aren’t historical monuments and remains, but it certainly is an important part, with most of the shops and the business activities, stretching from Piazza della Libertà, leading to the Caboto seafront, and if you’re staying in Gaeta for a couple of days, this is where you’re going to spend most of your time. The town centre is identifiable by the central fountain with dancing waters and colourful lights, but also by the crowd which populates the streets and Piazza della Libertà,where most of the events are organized, both in the summer and winter time. This is the part of the town where you can go shopping, buy souvenirs or just take a walk with a beautiful sea view. In Piazza della Libertà is located the Ariston Theatre, which has an interesting and busy theatrical schedule all year around, even if during the summer the major part of the events are open-air. In Piazza della Libertà in August a big stage is set up, the Virgilio Arena, where shows and concerts take place, hosting 3000 people. During the winter, in the same square an amazing ice rink is installed at the foot of the bell tower. Most of the clubs are located in the old part of the town, but in this area, along the Caboto seafront there are most of the restaurants and pizzerias. For this reason, you won’t have problems finding a place to eat a good meal.  If you want to take a walk you can either walk under the trees flanking the promenade, or on the street side along the seafront, where the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base is located. The Nautical Base isn’t famous only among the yachtsmen, but also among people for its newly renewed Club, where you can eat both fish and meat dishes. Gaeta is also busy during the winter, when the town is filled with Christmas lights known as Favole di luce and Piazza della Libertà is the heart of this event, where most of the engagements are organized and as already said, where the ice rink is located.