After all this time walking through beaches, historical remains and woods, you must be hungry, so where are you going to eat in Gaeta?Well, for sure you’ll find a place in the surroundings of your hotel or B&Bchoosing among different options, but if you really want to fully experience life in Gaeta, you need to taste its local specialties. First, the queen of local dishes: the well-known tiella, a kind of stuffed pizza filled with local ingredients, such as fish (sardines, octopus, and baby squid), vegetables and obviously Gaeta’s famous olives, in other words, a divine goodness. The Giordano bakery, located in Via Indipendenza, is where you can eat this delicacy respecting the ancient traditional recipe. For what concerns the restaurants, Gaeta’s seafront provides a number of places, satisfying different needs and requests. In any case, if you wish to have a suggestion, you can always take a look at the reviews on the Internet, or ask locals where to go. One important suggestion is to always remember to book in time, in order to avoid troubles with parking and have your car parked in a good spot. Gaeta is not a big town, but gives you the chance to eat in different parts of the town: Serapo for example is famous for its bathing establishments, but this is also where the best restaurants are located, while the town’s nightlife is disseminated along the Caboto seafront, where all the clubs and bars are. To sum up, if you want to have fun at night,you have plenty of options both during the summer and winter time.