For those who have chosen Gaeta, how to get to their destination is no longer a problem

This splendid city is in fact located halfway between Rome and Naples and is well connected both as regards the road network and public transport. For lovers of sails or luxury yachts there is the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base, a tourist port equipped with every service and known all over the world.

For the destination of Gaeta, how to get there from Rome is also very simple: either on the A1 motorway with the Cassino exit and then take the provincial road to Formia , or along one of the two between Appia and Pontina. In the latter case, once you have passed Terracina you will need to take the Flacca and go along the artery up to Gaeta. This last route has two advantages: the view and the cost since it will not be necessary to pay the toll as on the motorway. For those who prefer public transport, however, both from Rome and Naples there are trains every hour every day of the week.

The reference station is Formia but a practical and efficient bus system is synchronized with the numerous daily trains. Alternatively, you can ask the hotel for help as almost all accommodation facilities provide a transfer service to and from the station.

Where to go to the beach in Gaeta and how? Scooters, bikes and shuttles

A last option, equally valid, is to reach the accommodation by car and then park it in the hotel and rent a scooter. Two-wheelers are cheap in Gaeta but, above all, they solve the problem of parking which, in peak months, can be a big headache.

For those staying far from the center, it is worth remembering that every summer an efficient shuttle service is organized to the center and to the vast ztl on the seafront.If you choose Gaeta, where your hotel or b & b is located, it will not be absolutely a problem. A tip: do not book your stay exclusively thinking about where to go to the beach in Gaeta: as already explained, the city offers seven beaches and runs practically all along the coast. On the other hand, even spending the night practically on the beach, the beauty of the holiday will be to go and explore all the beaches, even the most distant ones.

All the ways in which it is possible to reach Gaeta by car, train or bus:

By car

From Rome or Naples

A1 motorway, Cassino exit, SS Cassino-Formia, direction Formia – Gaeta.

From Rome

Via Appia or SS148 Pontina, direction Latina – Terracina – Gaeta.

From Naples

Strada Domiziana towards Minturno – Formia – Gaeta.

On the train

The central stations of Rome and Naples easily connect Gaeta via the railway station of Formia.

For information on train timetables, visit the website or call the Trenitalia toll-free number 892021.

From Formia station it is possible to reach Gaeta by bus or taxi .

By bus

From the Formia railway station it is possible to reach Gaeta via the COTRAL Consortium bus connection.

Formia – Gaeta timetables

4.35, 5.05, 5.35, 6.05, 6.15, 6.45, 7.00, 7.10, 7.15, 7.30, 7.45, 8.00, 8.15, 8.30, 9.00, 9.20, 9.35, 10.00, 10.35, 11.00, 11.30, 12.00, 12.30, 12.45, 13.00, 13.15, 13.30, 13.50, 14.15, 14.35, 14.55, 15.20, 15.40, 16.10, 16.40, 17.00, 17.20, 17.40, 18.00, 18.20, 18.40, 19.00, 19.35, 20.05, 20.25, 21.05, 21.35, 22.15.

Timetable Gaeta – Formia

4.30, 5.00, 5.30, 6.00, 6.30, 6.45, 7.15, 7.30, 7.45, 7.50, 8.00, 8.15, 8.30, 8.45, 9.00, 9.30, 9.50, 10.05, 10.30, 11.05, 11.30, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.15, 13.30, 13.45, 14.20, 14.45, 15.05, 15.25, 15.50, 16.10, 16.40, 17.10, 17.30, 17.50, 18.10, 18.30, 18.50, 19.10, 19.30, 20.05, 20.35, 20.55, 21.30, 22.00, 22.35.