Informazioni utili su Gaeta - Come arrivare a Gaeta

How To Get To Gaeta

Gaeta is located in a strategic position between Rome and Naples, for this reason it can be easily reached by any means of transport chosen. By car, if you are coming from Rome or Naples, from the A1 motorway exit at Cassino, continue along the Provincial Road towards Formia and proceed in the direction of Gaeta. You can also take the Pontina State Road or the Appia State Road as far as Terracina, and then take the Flacca State Road proceeding in the direction of Gaeta. This last route has two advantages: first, the amazing view while driving, second the cheap price, since there are no tollgates to pay. If you prefer public transportation, the main stations of Rome and Naples are connected with Gaeta with trains every hour seven days a week. Trains stop in Formia, from which you can get a bus to reach Gaeta. You could also ask the hotel to provide a shuttle bus service to take you to/from the train station. Another option to get to Gaeta by car is parking your vehicle at the hotel and then rent a scooter, a cheap and useful way to avoid traffic and parking problems, especially during the high season. For those wishing to arrive in Gaeta by boat, there are numerous docks to choose from along the coast of Gaeta. The Flavio Gioia Nautical Base is equipped to host boats of various sizes, also offering other services. If you’re accommodated away from the town centre, during the summer an effective shuttle bus service heading towards the old part and the RTZ area is available, so going around the town won’t be a problem and therefore, if you are making a reservation in Gaeta, don’t choose to stay close to one specific place, do not confine your vacation on only one of the seven beautiful beaches in town.

below a small summary of the different possible ways to reach Gaeta:


From Rome or Naples,

A1 State Road, exit in Cassino exit SS. Cassino-Formia, towards Formia-Gaeta.

From Rome:

Appia State Road or Pontina State Road towards Latina-Terracina-Gaeta.

From Naples

Via Domiziana towards Minturno-Formia-Gaeta.


The main stations of Rome and Naples are connected to Gaeta stopping in the train station of Formia. For further information concerning trains schedule, visit the website or call Trenitalia green number 892 021. From the train station of Formia, Gaeta is reachable by taxi or bus, service provided by the COTRAL transport company.


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