The beach of Serapo, the town’s main beach and the small beach of Fontania are flanked by a residential area, ideal for families and for those who want to fully enjoy the beach without leaving the town centre. In other words, if you prefer the comfortable possibility to have a beach only two feet away, forgetting for few days about parking, then this neighbourhood is certainly the best choice. This part of the coastline is also very busy, thanks to the number of happy hours and events attracting loads of young people every night. Therefore the area of Serapo is ideal for people who don’t want to move around too much. They’ll just park the car and just walk to the beach, to the restaurant, surrounded by nature and the sound of the waves breaking on the shoreline. The beach of Serapo is close to the Park of Mount Orlando, the green lung of the town, preserving interesting historical treasures. In conclusion staying in the neighbourhood of Serapo will allow you to have access to this amazing combo: beach, nature and night life. For those who are history lovers, or simply prefer small private beaches, the same area of Serapo offers Fontania as an alternative, a small beach that still well preserves the remains of an ancient Roman Villa dating from the 1stcentury BC. The ville used to be the summer residence of the Roman Consul Gneo Fonteo and it stretches all along the small bay. The site is also extremely interesting from a naturalistic point of view: the east side of the beach is enclosed by two big caves with only one entrance, creating an impressive view. There also are tunnels connected to the rocky underwater structures, which don’t really have historical evidence but probably are part of an ancient pool connected to the sea, and included in the residential complex. The etymology of the name Fontania is also quite uncertain, but it might recall the spring not far from the beach. In this area the shallow seabed has always been a favourite place foe experts or amateur divers. The rock “Nave di Serapo”,located not far from the two beaches of Serapo and Fontania is an interesting snorkelling site. It’s easy to see in this area various marine species, such as molluscs, different varieties of fishes, squids and octopuses. If you are interested, our advice is to visit the side of the rock opposite to the coast, it is the most attractive from a biological point of view.