Where to stay: the best proposals for your accommodation in Gaeta

Comfortable accommodation structures around the beach of Serapo, cheap B&B, luxury villas with private beaches and apartments the entire family, Gaeta offers a number of different options depending on the budget and needs.

Whatever area in Gaeta you’ll choose to stay at, just make sure to make a reservation in advance, especially during the high season Gaeta is extremely crowded. Despite being a summer holiday destination, Gaeta is also visited during the winter, when temperatures are lower. Thanks to the seasonal adjustment done by the local administration and the local tour operators, Gaeta has become an important tourist destination all year around.

During the winter, between November and March, hotels and other accommodation structures offer SPA and relaxing weekends, but if you wish, you can also choose to take a nice walk in Mount Orlando natural reserve. At Christmas time, people are attracted by the Gaeta’s Christmas decorations enlightening the small seaside town.

Where to sleep in Gaeta on the sea?

If you are choosing Gaeta for its clear blue waters and don’t know where to stay, you just need to focus on your needs: if you are travelling with your family, then the beach of Serapo is certainly the best option, while the hidden private beaches located along the Provincial Road are ideal for a honeymoon.

If you are looking for something different and above all economic, you can choose between renting an apartment or one of the numerous camping areas along the beach of St. Agostino, finally for more adventurous people, low cost rooms for rent are not a problem. In conclusion, there are various types of accommodation available to satisfy every tourist, from the more demanding to those looking for more simple solutions.